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10 yo Yaritza takes the biscuit(s)!

Hi, my name is Yaritza (rhymes with pizza!) and I love art, Minecraft and all creative things.

Me and my mum made some giant lemon cookies and decorated them for Children in Need. My wonderful head teacher, Mrs Collingwood (Morecambe Bay Community Primary School) and my lovely class teacher Miss Standley, let me sell them in aid of the National Eczema Society. My friend Leah helped sell them. Yay! We raised £30 for children who are struggling with extremely sore and uncomfortable skin, just like me. Pudsey came to our school and me and my friend Molly walked to Happy Mount Park with him.

My school really helps me and when it all gets too much for me they understand and help me. They have given me my own fan and if I get too hot I can go outside/get some ice. If I’m too tired, cos I never sleep at night, they don’t tell me off if I fall asleep in class. Bullying got so bad in the last few months that I missed lots of time at school and ended up in hospital. My school always help when I get bullied. It's a shame some people are so mean. It's not my fault I’ve got eczema and I wish people would understand how tough it is for me. But I always try to count my blessings and remember that there are many children in the world much worse off than me.

I do lots of relaxation practice at home and try to keep myself cool and calm and use my imagination to take me somewhere nice! Art helps to calm me down too and my teacher lets me run my art club (Super Craft Kids Club) on a Friday lunch time. From next week she is also letting me run an after school Super Craft Kids Club. We are going to decorate some yummy giant cookies. Thanks so much to my lovely school and especially also to Miss Hancock and Miss Brierley.

I would love to get in contact with other kids like me so please email me or check out my youtube channel. Thanks xxxx

With Love

Yaritza Delgado, aged 10

Youtube: CDY Delgado

Email: delgadowaterman@gmail.com

This story is told in Yaritza's own words and it's great to hear of such a positive school experience. A huge thank you to Yaritza and her Mum, Christine as well as the teachers and pupils of Morecambe Bay Community Primary School.

10 yo Yaritza takes the biscuit(s)!...