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All Party Parliamentary Group on Skin Event

Encourage your MP to represent your concerns at this important parliamentary event


Despite the fact that millions of people in the UK live with inflammatory skin conditions, the general public and policy-makers are often unaware of the painful and debilitating impact conditions such as eczema can have on all aspects of people's lives.

This can lead to people suffering in silence as they are not being provided with the right information or access to the appropriate treatment.

National Eczema Society has previously raised concerns with the All Party Parliamentary Group on Skin (APPGS) over variations in the implementation of expert guidance, and ultimately care, between commissioners and providers of healthcare. We have also been encouraging people to write to their local MPs if they have experienced problems accessing vital treatment for their eczema, including leave-on emollients.

The APPGS has now organised an event in parliament for MPs, the primary purpose of which is to inform Parliamentarians of the pressing issues facing people with inflammatory skin conditions. It will include speeches and information leaflets and National Eczema Society will be there to represent the experiences of people with eczema.

The event will take place on Wednesday 24th July and we need as many MPs to attend as possible. All MPs will shortly be sent information about the event, but in order to reinforce the message, please write or e-mail your local MP asking them to attend on your behalf. To find your MP and send them an e-mail, please visit this website, where you can type in your postcode, click on the MP and fill out all the details.

It is so important to raise awareness of eczema and emollient rationing, and the more support we can generate for this event, the more backing we will have to implement improvements in patient care.

All Party Parliamentary Group on Skin Event...