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Corporate Membership

The Society’s Corporate Membership Scheme allows us to work with several companies with a commercial interest in eczema products and services.

All corporate members are treated the same and each of them values our independence publicly. Corporate Membership demonstrates public support for the important work of the Society.

It also offers our corporate partners the opportunity to work more closely with us with the understanding, on both sides, that we remain independent and don’t endorse specific products as we consider patient choice to be paramount.

Two annual corporate membership packages are offererd - Silver Tier and Gold Tier. Please contact the Society's Chief Executive, Andrew Proctor, for more information about corporate membership opportunities: aproctor@eczem.org

Corporate members’ subscriptions are not tied to fund any particular activity or project but go towards helping us to achieve our overall objective of supporting people living with eczema.

Benefits of Corporate Membership include:

  • Regular contact with our Chief Executive and senior staff
  • Exchange of knowledge and expertise
  • The chance to share plans at an early stage
  • Public association with the National Eczema Society including the opportunity to refer to corporate membership of the Society in your own information

Current Corporate Members


AbbVie UK
AbbVie House
Vanwall Business Park
Vanwall Road
Berkshire SL6 4UB

Dermol and Doublebase
Dermal Laboratories Ltd
Tatmore Place, Gosmore
Hitchin, SG4 7QR
Tel: 01462 458866

Delta 1200, Welton Road
Delta Business Park
Wiltshire, SN5 7XZ

Corporate Membership...