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Jonathan Pitayanukul & Swaek Prakitritanon

Marathon veteran Jonathan Pitayanukul who first ran the London Marathon for the National Eczema Society in 2016, returns to the NES team of runners, joined by his nephew Swaek Prakitritanon


Jonathan's son James shared his experience of living with eczema in our June 2015 issue, and the 2016 London Marathon was the first marathon Jonathan had ever run, inspired by his motto 'Challenge the status quo: fight against mediocrity and do something amazing'.

When we interviewed him afterwards, he told us, 'The minute I crossed the finish line, I immediately said to myself that I'd like to do it again' - and 2 years later, here he is!

To show your appreciation of Jonathan and his family's commitment to supporting the future of the National Eczema Society, please make a donation if you can by visiting their fundraising page.

In 2017 Jonathan completed the Stockholm and Athens marathons, but London remains a firm favourite.

'With over 40,000 runners of varying ability from all over the world, London is one of the biggest marathons you can compete in.  Stockholm and Athens had less than half that number.  London also has the most charity runners and the best crowd support.

In addition, London is a "home run" for me, with familiar sights, sounds and air.  This should help to relax the muscles a little and make it much more enjoyable.  This time I have a target finish time of 4 hours 15 minutes, although I'm also hoping not to be overtaken by six to eight rhinos - as I was in 2016!

Training consists of four to five running sessions per week, totalling approximately 40-50 miles.  I also do two Pilates and one Yoga session for my core, flexibility and breathing, and I do relaxation freestyle swimming on Saturday and Sunday to aid recovery.'

Swaek, like his uncle, is also a seasoned marathon runner, and the London Marathon will be his fourth to date.  Training has already begun in earnest with 40km being completed each week, while Swaek has a target finish time of 4 hours 30 minutes.

Jonathan Pitayanukul & Swaek Prakitritanon...