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Mind MY eczema


Join in our "Mind MY eczema" campaign where we focus on the psychological impact of the condition on patients, their families and carers.

While the physical impact of eczema is well documented, the emotional fallout from living with the condition can still often go under the radar, with many patients saying that nobody ever asks them how they feel in themselves - only how their skin feels.


Join our "Mind my eczema" campaign and send in a photograph of how your eczema makes you feel!

►To take part, simply take a picture of yourself or a group holding the word or words that sum up how eczema makes you feel and send it to info@eczema.org and it may feature in a future edition of Exchange, our Facebook page or on our website.

On top of the pain of inflamed skin and the tortuous itch, eczema also presents a unique set of challenges to how people think and feel. For many, their eczema journey is a rollercoaster of ups - when a treatment finally works - and downs - when the condition suddenly worsens for no apparent reason - and one, ultimately, with no end in sight as currently there is no known cure.

It's not just how you feel about yourself and your condition either. Given the highly visible nature of eczema, especially at the severe end of the scale, people's comments and reactions to your skin - and how you perceive they treat you as a result - naturally have a huge impact on your self-esteem.

Many sufferers hide the emotional pain they feel from those around them as though it's secondary to the physical discomfort they face. When it comes to treating eczema, it's vital that we all talk openly about it and acknowledge that how we feel inside is as important as how our skin feels.

That's why we're asking you - patient, parent or carer - to share how the condition makes you feel so that others realise that they are not alone in feeling the way that they do.

Mind MY eczema...

How does eczema make you feel?