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All about eczema - an information pack for schools Updated

 ‘All about eczema – an information pack for schools’ 

NEW Updated Resource: October 2016


Launched by the National Eczema Society in 2014 ‘All about eczema – an information pack for schools’ has proved to be a hugely popular resource with schools, parents and healthcare professionals looking to navigate the particular challenges which eczema presents in a classroom environment.

The pack – which was recently highly commended in the British Medical Association’s annual Patient Information Awards – has now been updated to include the very latest information and advice, including current legislation regarding supporting a child with a medical condition in school in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Our eczema school pack aims to :

  • Help staff understand and meet the needs of the child with eczema at school
  • Give advice on how staff can help a child with eczema integrate into their class/the school routine and gain confidence in managing their eczema
  • Equip teachers with tools to teach their class about eczema, in order to encourage understanding and compassion among the child’s peers
  • Form the basis of an informed, ongoing dialogue between teacher and parents/carers regarding a child’s condition

As well as providing a comprehensive introduction to eczema the pack also includes hints and tips, checklists and classroom activities for different age groups (including resources) to encourage a proactive approach to be taken to the child’s care.

We are delighted to be able to make our information pack for schools freely available. You will find a complete pdf in the related documents to the right of this page. Click here to have a look at the many activities and resources available in different formats and Click here for a handy parent/ teacher checklist. You can also order free copies of the complete pack here.

All about eczema - an information pack for scho...

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