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September 2021 Exchange is here!

The September 2021 issue has now been sent to members. If you are not yet a member, why not support a great cause and benefit from our quarterly magazine?

Our latest magazine is, as usual, packed full of news, advice on managing eczema for all ages and real-life stories from people living with eczema.

  • Mythbusters: Our new column tackles common myths and misconceptions about eczema and treatments.
  • Could food allergy be causing your child’s eczema? Dr Tom Marrs helps us separate fact from fiction.
  • Eczema at school: tips from a teacher with eczema. Secondary-school teacher Ana-Maria Fernandes explains how her own experience with eczema has informed the way she supports students with eczema today, and shares tips for parents.
  • …And eczema makes three. There’s no doubt that eczema adds a layer of complexity to any relationship, but how you manage the situation can make all the difference.
  • Q&A on eczema and babies: eczema is not unusual in babies, but there is a lot of conflicting advice out there. Julie Van Onselen answers 10 common questions about eczema in little ones.
  • ‘You are just as much an expert on your child’s eczema as the experts’: Shauntelle Carty describes the unique experience of each of her children with eczema.
  • Plus: members’ letters, news and Ask the Expert (covering eczema of the scalp, recurrent infections and seborrhoeic dermatitis and rosacea).