Exchange 171 – March 2019

Our March 2019 edition of Exchange is crammed with news, research updates, real-life stories from people living with eczema and advice on managing eczema for all ages.

  • Can water softeners prevent eczema? The SOFTER trial has been launched to investigate whether using water softeners can reduce the risk of eczema in babies
  • Ever considered trying hypnotherapy? Nurse specialist Julie D Carr describes her experiences of offering clinical hypnotherapy to people with eczema
  • We explore how to take control of eczema when it manifests in later life
  • Dermatology Nurse Specialist Rebecca Penzer-Hick looks at the latest in eczema research: Crisaborole ointment; Staphefekt, a new type of skin cream; and the risk of cardiovascular disease in people with eczema
  • Clothes make the (wo)man: Alice Lambert, NES Director of Services, discusses how to reconcile comfort with fashion when you have eczema
  • ‘I no longer worry about what people think of my eczema’: Exchange reader Ellie Marsh shares her experience of eczema, and how dancing has taken her confidence to new heights
  • Plus: members’ letters, Ask the Expert and NES news, including stories from our wonderful London Marathon 2019 runners.