Exchange 173 – September 2019

Our September 2019 magazine is crammed full of news, advice on managing eczema for all ages and real-life stories from people living with eczema.

  • We give a round-up of eczema research presented at The British Association of Dermatologists’ 99th annual meeting.
  • If your child has eczema, a new school year can inspire anxiety, but there’s a lot you can do to set them up for success. Alice Lambert discusses how to prepare your child for primary and secondary school.
  • What’s causing my eczema? Dr George Moncrieff explores new research findings, which show that some simple lifestyle changes can make a huge difference to eczema symptoms.
  • Which emollient is best for you? NES Dermatology Nurse Adviser Julie Van Onselen tackles this age-old question.
  • A team effort: Claire Moulds gets to know the members behind the hugely successful West Surrey and NE Hants Support Group.
  • Good and bad bacteria in eczema: Professor Carsten Flohr, Consultant Dermatologist, sheds light on the growing understanding of microbe biodiversity, and how it’s sparking new possibilities for eczema treatment.
  • ‘I’m ready to start living my life again’. Exchange reader Kymmene Dawson describes the challenges of maintaining a balance between the life that she loves, and eczema.
  • Plus: members’ letters, Ask the Expert and NES news, including information about National Eczema Week 2019 (14-22 September).