National Eczema Society relies on your donations to fund the charity’s vital work supporting people with eczema and their families. Whether it’s our helpline service, information booklets, research support or National Eczema Week campaign, these all have to be funded from donations. 1 in 5 five children have eczema and 1 in 10 adults – so many people need our help and support and many have nowhere else to turn. You can donate online here and it’s secure, easy and quick.


Urgent Fundraising Appeal – help us support people with eczema during the Covid-19 outbreak

We are seeing an increased demand for our services during these difficult times. More people with eczema, and their families, than ever are calling our Eczema Helpline to get advice as they struggle to get appointments to see their GP or other healthcare professionals. Guidelines on frequent handwashing and the use of hand sanitizers as well as social isolation and stress are having a strong impact on people’s ability to manage the condition. Those who are taking strong immunosuppressant medication are also concerned that this makes them more vulnerable to the virus.

By making a donation you can help make sure that we keep our Eczema Helpline and other services open and continue to support people across the UK during these difficult times.

We value and appreciate ALL your donations, large and small and everything in between. You can donate online here and it’s secure, easy and quick. Your support makes ALL the difference. Thank you!