Starting school or moving to a new school is an exciting yet anxious time for any parent and child. Families of children with eczema may have additional concerns about this new phase of life.

A child with eczema will, over time, need to learn how to be responsible for their own skin care during the school day. This is often a challenge and all school staff have an important role to play in supporting the child with aspects of their eczema which may affect their wellbeing at school, and in accommodating the child’s complex needs (especially when the eczema is moderate to severe).

We recognise that managing eczema at school can be daunting for everyone involved – children, parents/carers and school staff – and that’s why we’ve produced our School Information Pack.

Our School Information Pack is aimed at parents of primary-aged children, and primary school staff. It contains:

  • Information about eczema, eczema triggers in a school context and eczema treatments
  • Advice for supporting children with eczema at school
  • A parent/carer – teacher meeting checklist to inform a discussion about a child’s eczema
  • An eczema-planning checklist for a teacher/teaching assistant who has a child with eczema in their class
  • Eczema-related lesson plans for different age groups covering ages 3 to 11, for teaching children about eczema

The School Information Pack can be downloaded below. If you would like a hard copy or copies, please email us at