National Eczema Society is delighted to see strong research interest into the causes and treatment of eczema, after many years of eczema being largely overlooked by the research community. There are around 75 new treatments in development for atopic eczema, many being researched in the UK.

Doctors and researchers need people with eczema to take part in research studies and trials, to assess the benefits of both new and existing eczema treatments. Ask your doctor about opportunities for taking part in research. You often need to attend hospital clinics, for the nurses and doctors to assess your progress on a new treatment, so this is likely to be more convenient if you live near a large hospital or other main research centre.

National Eczema Society is actively involved in supporting eczema research. We participate in study steering groups, provide patient insights for research projects, promote trials, and work with many universities and companies developing new drug treatments. We do this to help ensure research projects have the greatest chance of success in findings cures and treatments.

Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)

The National Eczema Society is sometimes approached by university researchers who want to learn from people affected by eczema when planning their research studies. People with eczema can play a vital role in helping researchers to understand what it is like to live with the condition, and ensure research projects are designed with real patient insights.

This activity is sometimes referred to as Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in research. There is more information here if you are interested in volunteering some time to help shape future research into eczema. Travel expenses to attend meetings would be paid.

Please be aware we do not have any research engagement opportunities at the moment. We will update our website as and when opportunities arise.