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The National Eczema Society is proud to introduce its brand-new podcast series, More than “Just an Itch” launching on this World Eczema Day, 14th September.

This new exciting series delves deep into the world of eczema, offering insights, advice, and heartfelt stories from those living with this challenging skin condition. With four engaging episodes, this podcast promises to be a valuable resource for individuals and families affected by eczema.

You can also watch the series in the videos below or if you’re new to podcasts scroll down the page to read the how-to guide on how to download.

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This National Eczema Society podcast series was funded by AbbVie, Almirall and Lilly and they had no editorial input or control over the content or other outputs. 

The views expressed in this podcast are not necessarily shared by National Eczema Society and the Society does not accept any liability in respect of them. Likewise, the Society does not endorse, recommend or accept any liability for any product mentioned in the podcast. We hope you find the information in the podcast helpful, although it should not be relied upon as a substitute for personalised advice from a qualified healthcare professional.

Episode 1 – Unmasking Eczema

In this inaugural podcast episode, we unravel the mysteries behind eczema. We learn how our genetics, our skin and our environment all play a part in eczema, and why some children and adults develop this challenging skin condition.

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Episode 2 – Living With Eczema

Episode two is a deeply personal journey, as we hear from Chloe and Jack, who navigate life with eczema. Through their stories, listeners gain a first-hand understanding of the challenges, the emotional toll and the impact that eczema can have on someone’s life.

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Episode 3 – Parenting Through The Flare-Ups

Episode three takes us into the world of parents Katy and Sanjay, whose young son Sachin has had severe eczema. We hear their heart warming story about how they navigated the complexities of managing their child’s condition. We explore the unique challenges they have faced, from managing their child’s physical discomfort to addressing the emotional impact on the family.

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Episode 4 – Healing from Within: Eczema’s Mental Health Connection

In episode four we discuss the connection between eczema and mental health. Healthcare professionals who specialise in dermatology shed light on the emotional toll eczema can take, and the findings from patient surveys by National Eczema Society.

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