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How well do you know your steroid creams?

The survey is now closed – thank you everyone who took part.

Do you use steroid creams and ointments to manage eczema flare-ups? If you do, please consider completing our short online survey.

Topical steroids are used routinely to treat skin conditions including eczema. Some products can be purchased in pharmacies and others are prescribed by healthcare professionals. It’s important people know the strength of their topical steroids, to use them safely and effectively for maximum benefit.

National Eczema Society wants to learn more about people’s understanding of steroid creams and ointments. If you live in the UK and have eczema, or care for children with eczema, please complete our online survey. It only takes a few minutes. The results will provide valuable new evidence about people’s knowledge of these commonly-used medicines. They will also highlight areas where we need to improve understanding. Thank you!

Email us at info@eczema.org if you want more information about the survey, or information about topical steroid treatment for eczema. You can read our factsheet on Topical steroids here.