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My Eczema Story

During National Eczema Week 2021, we shared a series of very personal, emotive and practical short videos of National Eczema Society members and eczema advocates across our social media channels. You can watch those videos here:

Nicola’s story: stress and eczema
Suzanne’s story: relationships and eczema
Phil’s story: family, school and eczema
Monica’s story: eczema itch
Yasmin’s story: childhood memories of eczema and managing the condition as an adult
Yasmin’s tips for managing eczema
Ellen’s story: mental health and eczema

Eczema is different for every person who lives with this debilitating long-term condition. The physical symptoms of eczema can be extremely difficult, including the torment of relentless itching and having to cope with raw, inflamed and bleeding skin. The hidden cost of eczema is the profound impact it can have on people’s emotional well-being. Among other things, eczema can significantly affect our relationships, social life, sleep, schooling and mental health.

In recognition of the many different eczema experiences, #MyEczemaStory is giving a platform for people to share their story of living with eczema. Through sharing experiences, ideas and top tips, we can help others feel they are not alone.

It is incredibly important to us to raise awareness of the realities of eczema, and also highlight the support networks and resources available to the millions of people who are living with eczema, a complex inflammatory condition for which there is still no cure.

Here at National Eczema Society, we have been supporting people living with this common – yet misunderstood – skin condition for more than four decades. To support the campaign this year, we introduced a range of information resources to help people manage their eczema as effectively as possible.

My Eczema Toolkit aims to empower sufferers to take control of their condition, rather than feeling that they are at the mercy of their skin. Created with input from patients and some of the UK’s most experienced dermatologists, My Eczema Toolkit offers practical advice to help support people with the many psychological and emotional challenges of living with eczema described so vividly by those sharing their eczema story.