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Photos of eczema needed!

We know how important it is for people to see photos of real people with eczema on our website and social media channels. It’s also important that we show people of different ages, sexes and skin colours with eczema, so everyone with eczema can see themselves represented.

Would you be willing to send us a photo of your eczema, that we can use to illustrate our social media posts and website articles?

We are looking for photos of:

  • Eczema on the eyelids
  • Eczema on the ears
  • Eczema on the face
  • Eczema on the hands
  • Eczema on the arms
  • Eczema on the legs
  • Eczema on the feet
  • Discoid eczema
  • Pompholyx eczema
  • Seborrhoeic dermatitis

Photos need to be:

  • Clear and detailed, with a high image resolution
  • Taken against a plain background (if the background is visible)
  • Suitable sizes for use on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter (i.e. 1080 x 1080 or 1200 x 630 or 1024 x 512 pixels). Photos don’t need to be these exact dimensions, but if they are very different we may need to edit them slightly (e.g. by cropping them)
  • Of eczema that has been diagnosed as eczema by a healthcare professional

Please send your photos to info@eczema.org with your completed consent form.

We really appreciate your help!

Having good quality photos of people with eczema will significantly improve our content by giving a better idea of what different types of eczema look like on different demographics of people.