The Eczema Care Online (ECO) study is developing and testing online resources that address the needs of people with eczema in supporting their use of eczema treatments. The research focuses on meeting the needs of carers of children with eczema, and teenagers and young adults who manage their own eczema. Researchers are also looking to address the concerns of patients and healthcare professionals around the safety of using topical corticosteroids.

This project has several different inter-connected areas of research:

  • Explore the support needs and barriers to self-care through reviewing the existing evidence and conducting interviews with people with eczema and people who care for someone with eczema.
  • Systematically review existing evidence on topical corticosteroid safety.
  • Develop two online interventions to help support self-care: one for parents/carers of children with eczema and one for teenagers and young adults with eczema.
  • Determine clinical and cost-effectiveness of the online interventions compared to standard care by performing two randomised controlled trials with health economic analyses.
  • Investigate how the interventions can be integrated into clinical practice and facilitate their uptake if effective.

For more information visit the ECO website.