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Help people with atopic eczema (atopic dermatitis) stay safe with Covid-19

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National Eczema Society is asking people with eczema to get behind an important new research initiative called SECURE-AD. You can complete the patient survey here but read on first to check you are eligible.

Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) has impacted us all in different ways and is a global public health emergency. At the moment, we do not know why some people get sicker than others from Covid-19. We also don’t know if people with atopic eczema are affected differently, due to their condition or because of the medication they are taking.

Atopic eczema and Covid-19

Eczema is a common long-term inflammatory skin disease. People with moderate-to-severe eczema may be prescribed medication that influences their immune system. This can be in the form of tablets or injections (systemic medication). The impact of these systemic medications on Covid-19 outcomes is currently unknown.

New patient registry – SECURE-AD

That is why a group of leading doctors and researchers have established a new ‘patient registry, to collect information from and about people with eczema who have experienced Covid-19. This patient registry is called SECURE-AD. People with eczema are being asked to fill in an online survey about their personal experience of Covid-19, and in a separate survey healthcare professionals are being asked to provide information on their patients with atopic eczema who contract Covid-19.

Complete the online survey

If you have atopic eczema and you have also been diagnosed with Covid-19 (or have experienced Covid-19 symptoms), even if this was a while back, you are encouraged to complete the SECURE-AD online patient survey. You will be asked a series of questions about yourself, your medical treatment(s) and how Covid-19 has affected you. This will help researchers understand your personal experience of the infection. The survey takes about 10 minutes and is completely anonymous.

Someone else can complete the survey on your behalf if needed, and parents can complete on behalf of their children. The survey is in English language only although the webpage has translation options. Please also let your doctor know about your Covid-19 infection and ask them to enter your case in the SECURE-AD healthcare professional survey. Both surveys complement each other, are safe and secure, and all the information provided is anonymised.

Help people with eczema stay safe

National Eczema Society is calling for people with eczema in the UK to take part in SECURE-AD if you have experienced Covid-19. This is an international research initiative reflecting the global health emergency and people from around the world are participating. By collecting worldwide information, SECURE-AD will make it possible to better assess the impact of Covid-19 on eczema patients and what influence eczema treatments have on the course of the infection. This in turn will help to guide doctors in their care of people with eczema who are infected with Covid-19.

In addition, SECURE-AD works closely together with the patient registries for other inflammatory conditions, such as psoriasis and rheumatic diseases, allowing researchers to compare results and patient experiences. This makes the impact of the SECURE-AD project even greater and will address the uncertainties we currently face more effectively.

More information

Visit the SECURE-AD website for more information, including the frequently asked questions. If you want to fill in the online survey, you can go directly to the patient survey page. Your support is very much appreciated!

National Eczema Society is a partner organisation for this international research project. The SECURE-AD Steering Group & International Scientific Advisory Committee can be contacted directly at: secureADpatients@gmail.com