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Please support our ‘Talk Eczema’ Christmas Appeal!

We face so many challenges living with eczema. For almost 50 years, National Eczema Society has been working tirelessly to support and champion the needs of people with eczema and their families. We still have have more work to do and we need your support!

Please donate to our Talk Eczema Christmas appeal if you can.

Eczema is complex condition, involving our genetics, immune system, environment and skin barrier. It affects each of us in different ways and there are no simple answers to managing eczema well. This also makes it hard to explain to others what it’s like to live with eczema.

We find ways of coping and getting on with life. We have no choice. The challenges of managing inflamed, painful, cracked skin and the relentless itch are ‘normal’ for too many people. We mostly face these challenges alone, or in silence, but we need to Talk Eczema to help others understand and get better medical care. National Eczema Society wants to give people with eczema a louder voice, by running campaigns and encouraging people to Talk Eczema.

Our charity relies on donations from wonderful supporters like you. Your gift, no matter how big or small, helps to create a better future for people with eczema and their families. It’s quick and easy to donate through our website here. Thank you!

Very best wishes of the season from everyone at National Eczema Society and a happy New Year!